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Bella Thorne Life.

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Welcome to Bella Thorne's Life.





Bella at Selena Gomez's Show

Bella and Mia Pia were seen arriving at the concert of Selena Gomez July 24, 2011. The two Miss had VIP seats to watch the concert from backstage and Justin Bieber has appeared on stage during the show.



Bella at City walk

Bella was with her friends Helene Brittany, Jazzlyn Marae and Pia Mia at "city walk" yesterday, July 27th, 2011.

Bella Thorne Life <3

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Bella at Universal

Bella was at Universal yesterday, July 28th, 2011 and dancing with fans. The video  here : !

Bella at Studio

Bella work on a new song, there is some pictures of Bella at studio with Pia Mia, Alx Aiono and Khris. Video :

Bella at an elementary summer camp

Bella singing autographs to "Summer Campers"at an elementary summer camp July 30th, 2011. Some Pictures here :


Bella at "SPY KIDS 4-D" Premiere

Bella Thorne at today's "Spy Kids: All The Time In The World 4-D" Los Angeles premiere and Jimmy Bennett's video shoot For "Walk This Way" earlier in the week + a NEW YouTube video - Shaking It Up! at the beach:


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Bella at the meet and greet

Bella at the meet and greet with Zendaya, we can see fans and pictures of flowers, pictures with Tony Odell, Pia Mia, Garett Backstrom and Remy Thorne, other with Roshon Fegan!

Bella at "Phineas & Ferb" Premiere

Bella was at "Phineas & Ferb" Premiere, we can see Pia Mia and Garett, she meeting fans too!

Bella at Universal

Bella was at Universal in August,8th 2011 with Garett, Jazzlyn, Pia Mia and others friends!


Hey guys, i'm back, first sorry for the late and if i wasn't online and all but i had some exams this year and some family problems so scuse me i hope you'll forgive me so sorry if didn't posted some news about Bella or about me and Shake it up. So im back to tell you that my dream came true and i am the happiest girl ever. I met today Bella Thorne in Paris, the 23/05/2012 ; Theres this day in more details : . and there's some pictures . xoxo guys